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Faculty of Education

Registrable Courses for Ed. Health Education 

100 level First Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleUnitStatus
GST101Use of English and Communication skills I2C
GST105History and Philosophy of Science2C
GST107The Good Study Guide2C
EDU111Introduction to Foundations of Education2C
CIT101Computers in Society2C
HED101Personal Health2C
HED103Introduction to Health Education2C
HED107Health Problems of School Age Child2E
HED123Consumer Health Education2C
HED125Community Organisation for Health Programme2C
HED127Organisation and Administration of School Health Programmes2C


100 level Second Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitStatus
GST102Use of English and Communication Skills II2C
EDU114History of Education in Nigeria2C
EDU112Professionalism in Teaching2C
CIT132Programming in Basics2C
HED106Health care delivery system in Nigeria2C
HED124Community Health Education2E
200 level First Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsStatus
GST201Nigeria people and Culture2C
GST203Introduction to Philosophy and logic2C
EDU231Curriculum Development Theory and Practice2C
EDU233General teaching Methods2C
KHE201Human Anatomy, Physiology and Sports 12C
KHE205Accident Prevention and Safety Education2C
HED213Family Life and Sex Education2C
HED203Field experience in Health Education2C
HED205Health Protections2E
200 level Second Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitStatus
GST202Fundamentals of Peace study & Conflict Resolution2C
EDU212Sociology of Education2
EDU214Philosophy of Education2C
KHE206Human Anatomy, Physiology and Sport 112C
PHS202Nutrition in health and diseases3C
HED204Communicable and non-communicable diseases2C
HED206Health Agencies and Programme2C
HED208Personality and Growth in health Education2E
300 level First Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsStatus
GST301Entrepreneurship Studies2C
EDU321Psychology of learning2C
EDU323Basic Research methods in Education2C
EDU335 Teaching Practice 1
HED311Mental and Social Health2C
HED313Health and Illness Behaviour2C
HED315Emergency Care And First Aid2C
HED317Environmental Health2C
HED319Personal Health of University students2E
300 level Second semester
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsStatus
EDU314Comparative Education2C
EDU322Curriculum and Instruction I2C
EDU332Educational Technology2C
EDU336Post Teaching Practise Evaluation/Remediation2C
HED322Drug Education2C
HED324Vital Statistics in Health Education2C
HED326Computer in Health Education2C
HED328Population Education2C
KHE333Community Recreation2C
HED330Industrial Health Education2E
400 level First Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsStatus
EDU421Guidance and Counselling2C
EDU423Measurement and Evaluation2C
EDU435Teaching Practice II3C
EDU411Curriculum Instruction II2C
HED413Public Health and Issues in Health Education2C
HED417Epidemiology and public Health2C
HED418Seminar in Health Education2C
KHE402Human kinetics and recreation for the physically handicapped children2E
400 level Second Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsStatus
EDU412Principles of Educational management2C
EDU426Special Education2C
EDU420Research Project4C
KHE436Physiology Applied to physical conditioning2C
HED432International Health and Health career2C
HED434Supervision of School Health Programmes2E
HED438Ageing and Death Education2E
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